Our brains can only hold a limited amount of information at a time

Have you ever had brilliant ideas that slipped from memory? Or insights you never acted upon? Think of all the valuable advice that slowly faded away over the years. The constant drive to learn, grow, and progress makes us spend countless hours consuming information. Yet, where does that knowledge go when we need it?

Notion offered the following subscription plans (update 2023)

Why the Notion Free Plan is a Great Starting Point:

The Notion Free plan provides an excellent entry point for individuals and small teams who are new to the Notion platform. Here’s a summary of why the Notion Free plan is a great starting choice:

The promise of building a Second Brain

Tiago Forte, a productivity and personal knowledge management expert, is known for popularizing the concept of building a “Second Brain.” The Second Brain refers to a digital system or method for capturing, organizing, and retrieving information, ideas, and insights that you come across in your personal and professional life.

Notion.so: Evolution and Impact on Freelancers and Content Generators

Notion.so was founded by Ivan Zhao and was officially launched in 2016. The platform started as a simple note-taking application but quickly evolved into an all-in-one workspace solution. Notion gained popularity for its unique approach to combining note-taking, task management, database creation, and collaboration within a single platform.

Steps to Create a Notion Account

Notion.so is an all-in-one workspace and note-taking application that combines note-taking, project management, collaboration, and task organization in a single platform. It allows users to create and customize a wide range of content, including text, tables, lists, media, databases, and more. Notion.so is known for its flexibility and versatility, catering to individuals, teams, and businesses looking to streamline their productivity and organization.