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Unlocking Possibilities: Discovering the Tech Enthusiast Within – Introducing myself Wicho Saenz.

Unlocking Possibilities: Discovering the Tech Enthusiast Within - Introducing myself Wicho Saenz

Tech Visionary, Security Maestro, and Retro Gaming Enthusiast 🎮🚀

Hey there, fellow tech aficionados and innovators! With a passion for all things geeky and over 30 years in the tech scene, I’ve danced through the landscapes of IT, Innovation, and Digital Transformation with the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. 🖥️🔥

I proudly serve as a Security Operations Manager, leading a talented team in safeguarding our critical product line environments. From application lifecycle management tools to essential infrastructure and intricate networking components, I ensure our systems stay fortified with the latest security measures. 🛡️🔐

My tech journey has been a thrilling adventure, starting with surviving the Y2K scare and mastering classics like Lotus 123, dBase III Plus, and Turbo C. I’ve supported Footwear and Textile Manufacturing pioneered projects in Aerospace and Automotive and steered ERP transitions. 🚗✈️ Documenting insurance processes and optimizing IT support for Financial Banking, Insurance, and Retail landscapes, I’ve been the guardian of continuity for companies with thousands of employees and numerous accounts. 💼🔒

Beyond the corporate world, I’m an entrepreneur at heart, always exploring new frontiers in tech and cybersecurity. And when I’m not fortifying digital realms, you can find me immersed in retro gaming, reliving the classics that ignited my passion for technology. 🎮✨

Join me on this electrifying journey where creativity meets code, systems harmonize like the best rock anthems, and geekiness is celebrated. Let’s push the boundaries of innovation together and create a future where technology knows no limits! 🚀

Wicho Saenz

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